Monday, August 5, 2013

Why MDM and ITSM need to play nice

Impact to ITSM Processes

For companies with process-based ITSM programs, every step of the lifecycle framework will need to be reassessed with MDM in mind. This includes rethinking service strategy, design, service transition, and operation.

Each ITSM process may need to be adapted to incorporate the unique requirements of MDM. This can include issues such as separate protocols for employee-owned devices, different services added to the service catalog, new update workflows, and mobile-based service offerings.

BYOD Security with ITSM

Many organizations implement BYOD policies because of security concerns with these devices. But the same organizations will often overlook the enhanced security capabilities that can be achieved using their existing ITSM infrastructure.

By developing systems and processes at the service level that mitigate risk, IT can become the champion of preferred devices. This can include adapting service strategies when on-boarding and off-boarding employees as well as decommissioning employee-owned devices.

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