Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Summit 2016 | Atlassian

Atlassian Summit 16, Oct 10th - 14th

Summit will be back, bigger than ever, at the San Jose Convention Center.
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Apple isn't protecting a shooter's iPhone data. They're defending digital privacy | Susan McGregor | Opinion | The Guardian

Apple's switch to default encryption on iPhones has been a subject of complaint from law enforcement since its introduction in 2014, but the FBI's current request seems to intentionally side-step the encryption question, instead requesting Apple's assistance to bypass non-encryption features of the iPhone in order to get at its currently encrypted contents.

While the particular model of iPhone in question here means that it may be technically feasible for Apple to comply with the FBI's request, this is not the true heart of the issue. As Cook's open letter to customers stating that Apple would oppose the order points out, the request "has implications far beyond the legal case at hand".

Cook's letter makes a point of characterizing the software solution that the FBI is requesting as a "backdoor", situating the request squarely in the middle of the broader debate about whether the government can make tech companies provide access to customer data.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Otto and Olof Seaborg/Sjoberg -

 n my grandmother's old trunk full of family photos, I came across a framed print of a business called "Seaborg's Laundry." I tracked down the business to 1114 Belmont Avenue in Chicago (home of Bittersweet Bakery now, www.bittersweetpastry). My question is... why did my grandmother have/keep this old photo?

My grandmother's mother's maiden name was Sjoberg, so I assumed these Seaborgs were related to me somehow. With help from, I was able to piece together the story of Olof and Otto Sjoberg who moved from Landskrona, Malmohus, Skane to Stoughton, Wisconsin. In 1900, they moved to Chicago and started Seaborg's Laundry, which grew to become a very big business. After Olof and Otto retired, Clarence Olof, Otto's son, took over the business.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

By-Tor and the Snow Dog | rush vault

'By-Tor and the Snowdog' marks the beginning of a Rush tradition of extended story songs, in this case a battle between By-Tor and the Snowdog. The song has bite in more ways than one. Howard Ungerleider [the band's long-time roadie] came up with the title one night at a party at Rush manager Ray Danniels' house.

Snow dog at guard. Graham Whieldon

"'Ray had these two dogs. One was a German Shepherd that had these fangs, and the other was this little tiny white nervous dog. I used to call the Shepherd By-Tor because anyone who would walk into the house would get bitten by him. Ray would go, "The dog is trained fine; don't worry about it." Well, the night of the party, we were sitting down eating our steaks when the Shepherd started biting my leg. I started screaming and calling the dog By-Tor. Now, the other dog was real neurotic, constantly barking and jumping all over you. And since he was a snow dog, I started calling the pair By-Tor and the Snowdog."'—Bill Banasiewicz, Rush Visions

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Expanse

Naomi Nagata, XO of the Rocinante liked one of my Tweets and Amos Burton replied and retweeted another one.  #TheExpanse

And if you have no idea what that means go check out "The Expanse" on or better yet, get "Leviathan Wakes", the first book in the series from Audible.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Um, OK, I guess

Listening to live "Rush" songs on YouTube.
La Villa Strangiato is next.
And the ad is in Spanish....