Sunday, August 4, 2013

The rise and rise of BYOD

Bringing your own possessions into the workplace is one of those creature comforts you simply expect as an employee. A framed picture of your family, a coffee mug with a funny slogan on it, maybe some knick-knacks to brighten up your workspace.

Personal electronics such as smartphones and tablets, however, are a different story. The latest research from back-up and online storage vendor Acronis shows that while most organisations in Australia allow staff to bring their own devices into the workplace - a practice known as BYOD, or bring your own device - a third do not.

The report, which surveyed 4300 IT professionals in eight countries, including 390 in Australia, also found that most Australian companies do not have secure BYOD policies to protect corporate data.

"Generally, employees are expecting to be able to bring their own devices and be able to connect them to the network," Simon Howe, Asia-Pacific sales director of mobility solutions at Acronis says. "But one of the key findings from the research is that most organisations don't have any kind of policy in place around BYOD."

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