Thursday, April 16, 2015

First time at RSA Conference? How to have the most fun. #RSAC

I'm missing RSA this year. :( 
My rude advice to one of our less senior guys. I think this works for nearly everyone except the Sales guys. Sorry Sales guys.

I would pack your typical office clothes. Khaki/grey/black pants. Dress shirts (not white) or Polos are best. Definitely no ties.

There will be lots of guys in suits. Those guys are all Sales guys. Avoid them unless they are from something you use or you really want info about.  Unless, of course, they are handing out invites for after parties.  

You identify yourself as a potential customer (and get invites to parties and dinners) by not looking like another Sales guy. 

There will also be guys that look like they run the EFF and just left DefCon or CCC. You know what I mean.  Those guys will have either sandals with socks or Doc Martins. They either don't own a comb or don't care.  Embrace these guys and engage with them. They are usually the smartest guys there and have tons to tell you and killer stories. That said, Sales guys think they don't actually plan to buy anything, so they don't get invited to parties, except maybe to add some credibility to the company. You don't want to be identified as those guys either. 

If you connect with any wireless network check it out beforehand.  RSA typically provides one. It will be well advertised.  Don't get suckered in to using anything that you aren't sure about.  Right now, remove all of the default wireless networks (linksys, dlink, etc.) SSIDs from your phone and laptop. There are security "researchers" who will set up rouge networks and will snag all the Sales guys.  Who knows what they plan to do.  Not as bad a DefCon or CCC, but still…

Last advice.  Set up a Google Voice number and only hand that out when asked for it by Sales guys.  Don't plan to ever use that number again.  If you can, change the phone on your registration as well. You will get inundated with calls for years after the show if you give them your desk number.  All the companies buy the lists of attendees and contact everyone.  They are pretty adamant that they need to talk to you and demo their stuff.

Have fun!  Send me some pictures.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

 This is very helpful.