Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I wonder why Tesla gets pounded for a single fire when this is happening...

Ford said it is recalling nearly 140,000 2013 Escape SUVs with 1.6-liter engines in the United States — and 161,333 worldwide — because of fires caused by overheating of the engine cylinder head, which can crack and leak oil. Ford said it had received reports of 13 fires, including one in Canada, stemming from the engine issue.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The government needs to see Hadoop’s ROI

The healthcare use case: Improving the quality of life and the effectiveness of government spending

For the uninitiated, Hadoop is a solution for distributed parallel processing of huge amounts of data. You can see some examples of its uses in our Hadoop infographic.

IT can improve symptom analysis, time to market for drug development and safety, decreased hospitalization and sickness and a lower frequency of spreading diseases. How? Through Hadoop's uses in information exchange, service quality improvements, drug safety testing, symptom co-occurrence identification, drug development processes, illness detection and large-scale patient studies. There's one thing all these health-related topics (and just about everything else government agencies do) have in common —data, and lots of it.


Explaining Hadoop to Your CEO

 A seasoned CEO will look for a plausible path to significant value, along with the outlines of a plan for broad adoption if all goes well. The path to value should describe the initial questions that will be answered by the technology, the processes that will be improved, the decisions that will be made better with more information. The suspected business impact should be defined, but it should be clear to everyone that it is very likely that the unexpected impact may be even bigger. The amount of money to be spent should be presented with plan for the first few experiments that will be performed. With cloud computing infrastructure, none of this should mean a huge upfront cost.