Wednesday, February 27, 2019


 I am a self-avowed practicing bacon and shellfish eater. Sometimes I eat them TOGETHER. I also wear blended fabrics ALL THE TIME! I guess I am truly unfit to ever be Clergy in the UMC.

We are all sinners.

Why are some sinners singled out for special punishment?

Who decides which sins are OK and which are not?

Sunday, February 3, 2019

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AWS re:Invent 2018 Architecture Icons

 Multiple formats, ready for download.

Insider leaks Trump's "Executive Time"-filled private schedules

Holy crap...

What the schedules show: Trump, an early riser, usually spends the first 5 hours of the day in Executive Time. Each day's schedule places Trump in "Location: Oval Office" from 8 to 11 a.m.

  • But Trump, who often wakes before 6 a.m., is never in the Oval during those hours, according to six sources with direct knowledge.
  • Instead, he spends his mornings in the residence, watching TV, reading the papers, and responding to what he sees and reads by phoning aides, members of Congress, friends, administration officials and informal advisers.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Microsoft Azure data deleted because of DNS outage – Naked Security

Oh wow!  
This looks like a rather poor design. 
No failsafe? 

Microsoft deleted several Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) databases in Azure, holding live customer information. TDE databases dynamically encrypt the information they store, decrypting it when customers access it. Keeping the data encrypted at rest stops an intruder with access to the database from reading the information.

While there are different approaches to encrypting these tables, many Azure users store their own encryption keys in Microsoft's Key Vault encryption key management system, in a process called Bring Your Own Key (BYOK).

The deletions were automated, triggered by a script that drops TDE database tables when their corresponding keys can no longer be accessed in the Key Vault, explained Microsoft in a letter reportedly sent to customers