Thursday, February 13, 2014

Applied DNA Sciences Teams with LMI, a Leading Government Consulting Firm to Tackle Supply Chain Counterfeiting |

This collaborative relationship seeks to educate the public and private sectors on the increasing risk posed by counterfeits, and encourage the development and fielding of preventive measures.

LMI has deep supply chain consulting and inventory management experience for the military and across the federal government. APDN invests in industry-leading research and provides a variety of authentication solutions to both commercial and government clients.

"Supply chains critical for commerce and security are under attack. In the electronics arena, remarking, cloning, and manufacture from salvaged die are creating increasingly sophisticated counterfeits. Industry and public sector users alike are struggling to ensure authentic components in this flood of fakes," said Joe Doyle, senior consultant for LMI. A cutting edge technology company in this space working with a leading supply chain consultancy is just the sort of collaboration that can make a difference, Doyle added.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Arizona Sheriff Arpaio puts 38 prisoners on bread and water while prepping for deposition in Justice Dept lawsuit for racially profiling Latinos | Government Security News

This man is not a servant of the people...

Although Arpaio calls himself "America's toughest sheriff" and has a number of diehard supporters, the County of Maricopa recently announced that his racial profiling policies have in fact cost Maricopa County taxpayers $22 million. In May of 2013, U.S. District Judge Murray Snow ruled that Arpaio's office routinely profiled Latinos in traffic and immigration patrols.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Army units give thumbs-down to battlefield intelligence system |


Software complexity, unreliability and user training that extends no further than "buttonology" continue to plague the Army's multibillion Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS-A), prompting soldiers to turn to commercial software, according to feedback from several units in Afghanistan.

That feedback was included in a memo from November, obtained by and reported by DOD Buzz. The memo resulted from an October meeting five units had with Brig. Gen. Christopher Ballard, at the time deputy chief of staff for intelligence at the International Security Assistance Force Joint Command.

Among the complaints are that DCGS-A is "unstable, slow, not friendly and a major hindrance to operations," with upgrades that wipe out users' data, according to comments from the 130thEngineer Brigade, which reported losing three to five calendar days a month because of system issues.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Predicting for 2103? Really?

I think this is a typo. Either that or somebody is doing some loooooong range forecasting.