Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Sociopath Next Door | The Business Owner

 There are people in our world, lots of them, who are very different from you and me. They look normal and even act normally in most ways, but most definitely are not. They have absolutely no conscience. They are incapable of basic feelings of care, love and compassion. They are not this way by choice, rather they are born this way, wired this way. They are not bound by the same rules that govern our lives: rules of fairness, respect, honor and commitment. Much to the contrary, they want only for themselves.
Sociopaths can and do lie artfully and consistently to get what they want, which is basically wealth, ease and/or simply the pleasure of removing from you those things they wish they had and envy in you (such as true friends, self-respect, trust and faith).
Fail to recognize that these people are around you — at work, at school, in your neighborhoods and your homes — and you will fall victim. They will take hold of you and rob you of things you hold dear. They will use your sense of moral obligation, commitment and compassion against you to get what they want from you.


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