Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rep Paul Ryan cosponsored this federal Forced Ultrasound bill. Bill Text - 112th Congress (2011-2012) - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

From the Bill text:


    `(a) Requirement of Compliance by Providers- Any abortion provider in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, who knowingly performs any abortion, shall comply with the requirements of this title.

    `(b) Performance and Review of Ultrasound- Prior to a woman giving informed consent to having any part of an abortion performed, the abortion provider who is to perform the abortion, or an agent under the supervision of the provider, shall--

      `(1) perform an obstetric ultrasound on the pregnant woman;

      `(2) provide a simultaneous explanation of what the ultrasound is depicting;

      `(3) display the ultrasound images so that the pregnant woman may view them; and

      `(4) provide a complete medical description of the ultrasound images, which shall include all of the following: the dimensions of the embryo or fetus, cardiac activity if present and visible, and the presence of external members and internal organs if present and viewable.

    `(c) Ability To Turn Eyes Away- Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent a pregnant woman from turning her eyes away from the ultrasound images required to be displayed and described to her. Neither the abortion provider nor the pregnant woman shall be subject to any penalty under this title if the pregnant woman declines to look at the displayed ultrasound images.


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