Monday, August 13, 2012

Brilliant comment. Need to share it.

 He is source of the deficit. He supported the following programs under Bush, which led to budget deficit and all 100% financed by borrowing. Now he wants to blame it on Liberals and morons buy this:

Medicare Part D
Iraq War
Afghanistan War
Bust Tax Cuts
TARP (yes, he voted for it).
Oil Subsidies.
Pork for his district(Conservative love shafting the govt for their own sake)

Also, just like another conservative and Republicans, if you didn't increase the debt ceiling under Bush to finance Iraqi school setup, you were a unpatriot. That pretty much sums up a typical republican: Rape the treasury and tell uninformed public(such as yourself) that its all Lefty agenda. Yup, you are his average uninformed American.Let me guess you are one or more of the following:

White southerner.
Evangelical: American Jesus talks to you and your family.
You watch Fox to get all the unbiased info. Everything that's wrong in life is all Liberal fault because your mommy/daddy/Church told you so.
Math/Science is really hard and is a liberal agenda anyway. Intelligent Design is a deep theory and perfect.
Home schooled?
Oral Roberts/Liberty or some third rate university graduate (if you went past high school).

Conservatives never learn: Its genetic. They just happen to be humans.

From this discussion:

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