Saturday, July 7, 2012

Midsize Insider: Firefox OS Could Seriously Complicate Mobile Device Management

With BlackBerry falling by the wayside and Windows 8 looking more and more like just a tablet solution for companies with very specific needs, the mobile device landscape for mid-market businesses was just settling down, only to have Mozilla come in and try to mess everything up again. The Firefox mobile operating system certainly has an uphill climb ahead of it, but should it prove successful, it could add another wrinkle in an already confusing space.

Mozilla Firefox wordmark

The New Firefox Smartphone

Mozilla has been working on a mobile operating system for a while now, but only recently gave it the name Firefox OS to help tie the OS in people's minds with its popular browser offering. As noted at ComputerWorld, the Firefox smartphones will be built by two companies in China and released sometime early next year in Brazil. The phones will then be launched in other emerging markets, in hopes of making the devices a success overseas before trying to crack the tight nut that is the U.S. smartphone market.

Mozilla also announced that it has received the backing of a number of wireless provider heavyweights, like Sprint, Deutsche Telecom, Smart, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, and Telenor, as noted in this Asia One article. The backing of wireless providers is a major step forward, and while it doesn't guarantee anything, it at least proves that these devices will get a chance.


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