Monday, July 9, 2012

CenterBeam, Inc News: Lack of device management could lead to BYOD issues

 Companies should likely be using mobile device management when trying to implement a "bring your own device" program, but a recent report by AOTMP Research finds that there may need to be more awareness of mobile management to prevent security issues from a BYOD program.

While 72 percent of companies manage work-related applications on corporate devices, only 38 percent manage work-related applications one employee devices. This needs to rise up unless companies want persistent security threats as employees use their mobile devices for work purposes. The survey also said 15 percent of companies don't manage work-related apps on any device.

"As businesses grapple with the question of allowing employee-owned wireless devices they must also address their mobile application management practices," noted Tim Lybrook, CEO of AOTMP. "The market is clearly lacking in defined practices and standards in this area today."

The report also finds that 54 percent of enterprises know the number of mobile application licenses they own and which are in use. These companies should all take new measures in mobile policies and find a good mobile device management program that will work to keep the company safe.


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