Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OMB taking a deeper look at data centers

By April 30, agencies must complete an initial inventory of the hardware at their data centers. Then by June 30, agencies must develop an initial consolidation plan that identifies "potential areas for consolidation, areas where optimization through server virtualization or cloud computing alternatives may be used and a high-level roadmap for transitioning to the consolidated end-state architecture."

A month after that, agencies must finalize their inventories and by Aug. 30, they must complete their consolidation plans and include them in their fiscal 2012 budget request.

"These plans must be approved by OMB by Dec. 31," the memo states. "The final plans will include a technical roadmap and approach for achieving the targets for infrastructure utilization, energy efficiency and cost efficiency."

Kundra writes that OMB will monitor agency progress on consolidating data centers through quarterly updates starting in 2011 as well as annual inventory updates.


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