Monday, March 22, 2010

Met admits G20 unlawful arrests -BBC News

Met admits G20 unlawful arrests

The Metropolitan Police has paid damages to protesters it unlawfully arrested during the G20 protests.

The force paid £6,000 in damages to Hannah McClure and Andrew Rubens who were held during a raid on a squat.

The arrests came about when officers in riot gear broke up a meeting of some 60 climate camp activists during the April 2009 global summit in London.

Solicitors for the pair said that others demonstrators held during the same operation would now sue.

The Climate Camp anti-global warming group was one of the key protest groups involved in two days of G20 demonstrations centred on the City of London financial district.

Ms McClure, 22, and Mr Rubens, 23, had joined a meeting at premises at Earl Street on the edge of the Square Mile on 2 April.

Large numbers of police later arrived in riot gear and sealed off the street before detaining some 60 people who had been inside the building.

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