Thursday, May 8, 2014

Senator Schumer calls for Congressional oversight and end of “cookie jar” practices by state governors at Port of New York and New Jersey

Very Interesting. 

To clean up the mess, Schumer proposed a seven-point makeover of the agency, which would include:

  • The executive director should be elected by the board, not appointed by a governor, as opposed to the current shared bistate leadership with the executive director splitting control with the agency chairman and the deputy executive director;
  • The commissioners need to be selected for their expertise, not their political links;
  • More transparency in finances and contracts could reduce conflicts of interest, with at least an annual review;
  • Billions of dollars should not be spent on projects that generate no revenues, and there should be a ban on spending agency money on projects in either state;
  • And the agency's board of commissioners should choose its executive director.

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