Wednesday, May 7, 2014

HCL:ARMChromebook - openSUSE

  1. Put your Chromebook into developer mode.
  2. Open a root shell: login to ChromeOS, open crosh with 'ctrl-alt-t', start a real shell with 'shell', become root with 'sudo -i'
  3. Enable USB/SD booting by running the following command as root from ChromeOS.
    "crossystem dev_boot_usb=1"
  4. Download the latest image at choose between:
    1. JeOS image (1GB) for a minimal system openSUSE-12.3-ARM-JeOS-chromebook-*.raw.xz or
    2. XFCE image (4GB) for a graphical system openSUSE-12.3-ARM-XFCE-chromebook-*.raw.xz
  5. As root extract the image onto your SD-Card or USB drive (replace sdX with the device name of your SD-Card or USB drive). WARNING: all previous data on the SD-Card or USB drive will be lost.

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