Saturday, June 2, 2012

Politifact: Walker Most Dishonest Governor in America | Uppity Wisconsin

In a ranking of governors where Politifact rated at least five statements, Walker is the #1 most dishonest governor in America.

While Oregon governor John Kitzhaber led the nation in honesty with 100% of his statements being ranked true or mostly true, Walker edged-out Texas Governor Rick Perry and Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee with only 22% of 51 statements rated true or mostly true. 

Here is the top five most dishonest governors in America, according to Politifact:

1) Scott Walker, WI    22%

2) Rick Perry, TX          25%

3) Lincoln Chafee, RI  25%

4) Chris Christie, NJ    38%

5) Bob Mcconnell         44%

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