Thursday, August 5, 2010

iNow Is A Simple But Effective

 To-Do App For The iPad

Productivity apps are two-a-penny, but productivity is one of the major boons of the iPad's large touchscreen interface. Tapping and moving things around is a very natural, human way to approach things. And yet productivity apps often remain stuck in the click and point world of the mouse, and refuse to make the best of a visual and spacial approach. Indeed, on a laptop I often find myself resorting to a fast, simple text-based To-Do list just because I can cut and paste items on the list up or down depending on priority.But I've recently tried out a productivity app on the iPad which might actually convert me over.iNow [iTunes link] is an iPad app which does one simple thing. It lets you create a To Do list you can move around and re-order very, very simply and easily. And the developers, Stone Soup Software, have taken a clever approach, which is tried and trusted: that of air traffic controllers. Say ...

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