Sunday, August 29, 2010


PartyDock does four-player iPhone/iPad gaming with just one device

Huddling around the iPhone, squinting at a tiny LCD is no way to spend your game nights. Even with an iPad the idea of multiplayer, single-device, cheek-to-cheek gaming doesn't sound much more appealing... unless it's one of those parties, perhaps. Anyhow, Griffin is apparently looking to make four-way iDevice gaming a little more palatable with the PartyDock, just spotted crossing the great FCC. It has a dock connector for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and four simple wireless controllers for interacting with four-player games, pumped to your TV over composite and component. It basically creates a simple gaming console out of your portable device, an interesting idea, but what will make or break it will naturally be the software. Griffin has a few four-player games it will release for the thing, but short of a flood of titles hitting the App Store we have a hard time believing this will be a hit -- whenever it ships, and for whatever it sells ...

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