Saturday, July 24, 2010

North Korea vows nuclear response to U.S.-Seoul drills -

updated 5:57 a.m. ET, Sat., Jul. 24, 2010
North Korea vows nuclear response to drills
The U.S. Navy's Aegis destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG-56), arrives for joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises at Donghae Harbor, South Korea, on Saturday.

North Korea warned Saturday that it will respond with "powerful nuclear deterrence" to joint U.S. and South Korean military exercises poised to begin this weekend, saying the drills amount to a provocation that cannot be ignored.

North Korea routinely threatens war when South Korea and the U.S. hold joint military drills, which Pyongyang sees as a rehearsal for an attack on the North. The latest threat comes amid increased tensions on the peninsula over the deadly sinking of a South Korean warship that Seoul and Washington blame on Pyongyang.

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