Thursday, June 24, 2010

Parallels Server 4.0 for Mac Bare Metal Edition

Parallels Server 4.0 for Mac
Bare Metal Edition

Key Features

  • Parallels Server 4.0 for Mac Bare Metal Edition is the first Parallels solution that can be installed and used on bare Apple hardware.
  • Mac OS X Leopard Server and Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server are supported as guest operating systems.
  • Powerful 12 way virtual CPU support in each Virtual Machine. Maximizes the power to your application taking advantage of Intel VT-x and VT-d technologies including VPIDs, FlexPriority & Extended Page Tables as well as AMD-V technologies offloading workloads to the system hardware to bring near native performance to the virtual environments.
  • Comprehensive built in backup solution to enable administrators to perform incremental and full backups on virtual environments to protect data, applications & configurations.
  • Simple migration of virtual environments between physical servers to minimize downtime and improve IT reaction time.
  • Easy integration into an existing environment leveraging the same management infrastructure & operational procedures.

Technical Features

  • Up to 12 way virtual CPUs supported per Virtual Machine
  • Up to 64GB of virtual RAM per Virtual Machine
  • Powerful 32/64 bit hypervisor virtualization layer for creating & managing Parallels Virtual Machines
  • Virtual disk files up to 2TB
  • Up to 8 USB 2.0 & 8 USB 1.1 devices supported per Virtual Machine
  • CPU resource limits, prioritization and disk I/O priority
  • Snapshots & automated snapshots
  • Virtual environment cloning
  • Virtual machine templates to reduce setup & configuration time for repetitive environments
  • Virtual Networking allows you to include your virtual environments in different networks
  • Integrated update utility to automate the process of keeping the software & templates up to date
  • Resource usage accounting shows CPU, memory, disk & network usage by Virtual Environment
  • Full & incremental backups
  • Live migration
  • Migration utility for P2V, C2V
  • Physical NIC dedication on VT-d enabled servers

Management Features

  • Parallels Management Console is a GUI based cross-platform management utility that supports multiple servers (recommended 5 server maximum) and the lifecycle management of Virtual Machines.
  • Parallels Virtual Automation is a web based management application that streamlines the process of managing both Parallels hypervisor & container environments as well as providing self service capabilities to improve IT responsiveness.
  • Command Line Interface allow administrators to perform different management operations on virtual environments.
  • SDK/API/Scripting provides a programming API and C/C++ and Python wrappers for API to enable the integration of Parallels Server 4.0 for Mac Bare Metal Edition into company processes and applications such as self service provisioning.

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