Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Otto and Olof Seaborg/Sjoberg -

 n my grandmother's old trunk full of family photos, I came across a framed print of a business called "Seaborg's Laundry." I tracked down the business to 1114 Belmont Avenue in Chicago (home of Bittersweet Bakery now, www.bittersweetpastry). My question is... why did my grandmother have/keep this old photo?

My grandmother's mother's maiden name was Sjoberg, so I assumed these Seaborgs were related to me somehow. With help from, I was able to piece together the story of Olof and Otto Sjoberg who moved from Landskrona, Malmohus, Skane to Stoughton, Wisconsin. In 1900, they moved to Chicago and started Seaborg's Laundry, which grew to become a very big business. After Olof and Otto retired, Clarence Olof, Otto's son, took over the business.


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