Monday, September 23, 2013

Treasury makes business case for iPads

The business case for mobile devices has become compelling for Treasury CIO Peter Alexander, who is now eyeing off Samsung and Android devices thanks to developments in mobile device management.

Following a presentation he gave at a CommVault seminar in Canberra, Alexander told ITnews the return on investment on portable devices given to senior Treasury executives was high.

He estimated the full cost of a typical smartphone was $1100/year including all costs such as data and security oversight.

"That's way cheaper than a desktop," he said.

With iPads, he said, the cost is less than $800 a year because there are no phone calls involved. Discounts from carriers made it especially compelling especially when a staffer did half an hour's work on their own time out of work hours, he said.

"We have people that sit on their iPads in front of the TV every night doing hours of work." 


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