Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Very Cool. Ford engineer 3d prints haptic gear shift using open-source electronics

Harnessing the power of Ford's open-source platform OpenXC, 3D printing, Bluetooth and a Xbox 360, one of the Detroit automobile manufacturer's engineers has created a manual shift gear knob that vibrates (haptic feedback) at the perfect time for a gear change. Possibly, nirvana for fans of manual gear shifting and car related video games.

"I wanted to create something that expands the car's capabilities and improves the experience for the driver," says Zach Nelson, rookie Ford Engineer and mastermind of the Haptic Feedback Shift Knob (HSFK). "I decided to use OpenXC to provide a new kind of feedback for the driver through the shift knob which helps drivers keep their eyes on the road instead of on the car's instrument panel."

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