Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There’s a new military occupational specialty: Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist

The military is looking for 500-600 soldiers to fill an initial need as Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialists (35Q), a new military occupational specialty (MOS) established this autumn.

Soldiers from any MOS may apply as long as their current MOS will release them to reclassify into this new field, and active-duty soldiers in the grades of E-3 to E-6 are eligible.

"A 35 Quebec supervises and conducts full-spectrum military cryptologic digital operations to enable actions in all domains, NIPRNet as well as SIPRNet, to ensure friendly freedom of action in cyberspace and deny adversaries the same," said SGT 1st Class Dan Gutierrez, 35Q CNW senior enlisted advisor, in an article written by the Army News Service.

Soldiers have been doing that type of intelligence work in related intelligence MOSs for a number of years, and the MOS was created to keep them working in the field and to keep their skills sharp.

"If you have a 35N (Signals Intelligence Analyst), for example, a traditional signals analyst doing what Quebecs are doing now, there was no way to track them and ensure their skills remained relevant as times change in field," said Gutierrez in the article. "If a 35N went on to another assignment (outside of what a 35Q now does), we could lose those highly perishable skills. So the new MOS was created to ensure those soldiers stay proficient and on top of their game."


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