Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden Should Rip Ryan on Neglect of Hometown Workers

What Ryan said about "Detroit West" and his commitment to maintaining a muscular auto industry sounded great.

"Know this: We want the strongest auto sector. We want American manufacturing to have a comeback," he declared. "And the way we do that is we stop sending all our decisions to Washington in a government-driven economy."

But a "government-driven economy" didn't harm the auto industry. It helped.

When the industry was tanking, President Obama convinced Congress to support an auto bailout that, by most accounts, renewed General Motors and Chrysler, keeping factories going and saving hundreds of thousands of jobs.

It was Mitt Romney who wanted to "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt."

And what of Ryan?

He voted for "free-trade" agreements—particularly the extension of permanent "Most-Favored Nation" trading status to China—that were devastating for the auto industry in what he refers to as "Detroit West." He opposed moves to mitigate against the damage, including the Currency Reform and Fair Trade Act. He rejected industrial policies and planning initiatives that might have helped "Detroit West."

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