Thursday, September 20, 2012

ViewSonic Exits Mainstream Tablet Market, Focuses On Verticals

 "Today, the tablet form factor remains an important part of our connected vision and strategy for the future, building upon our 25 years of display expertise and innovation," said ViewSonic President Jeff Volpe, in an emailed statement to CRN. "With that said, ViewSonic has made the strategic decision to focus our future tablet initiatives in emerging markets and niche verticals, where we can best leverage our core competencies to fulfill technology needs in regions and markets presently underserved by the widely saturated supply of mainstream consumer tablets."

It might also be driven by that fact that their tablets were a Hot Mess.
I never expected to see grub on a tablet boot screen and yet, there it is...
Right after the BIOS message, "Press F10 for Settings".


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