Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Five uncluttering things you can do in your office right now

 * Grab all of those post-it notes off your screen, phone, keyboard, and bulletin board and permanently capture that information. Enter phone numbers into your address book, put to-do items on your calendar, and hide your passwords in a place where snoopers can't find them.
* Gather up all of your writing implements, and test your pens and markers. Get rid of those that don't work, and sharpen all of your pencils. Finally, put all of these items in an organized container that is near where you use them.
* Process an inch of paperwork from your desk's inbox. File, sign, scan, read or return the papers as necessary. Don't put anything back into your inbox.
* Get everything out of your office that doesn't belong there. Walk that dead printer to the IT department for recycling, and give your co-worker back the scissors you snagged off her desk when you couldn't find yours.
* Check your bulletin board for any out-dated office phone lists, take-out menus, or memos, and drop them into the recycling bin or shredder. Rearrange what is left so that the information you reference most often is in the spot that is easiest to see.

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